FOCCUS for Couples

FOCCUS is an training program designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship. The program involves asking each partner to respond to a comprehensive set of statements thus allowing facilitator to identify strengths and areas of growth in feedback sessions. 

  • FOCCUS is not counselling
  • FOCCUS is confidential
  • FOCCUS is not a test that you pass or fail
  • FOCCUS can be fun and enlightening


Research indicates that people entering into marriage or long term relationship commitments benefit from an opportunity to explore their relationship in depth.

Click on the image to download our FOCCUS for Couples flyer.

Encouraging discussion in a broad range of topics can help couples understand the meaning of their relationship, discover their individual communication styles, and learn interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills that will enhance their relationship. 

Who would Benefit from FOCCUS?

  • Any couple in a committed relationship.
  • Couples considering becoming engaged.
  • Couples preparing for marriage or committing to living together. 

FOCCUS Training & Cost:

  • Two 60 - 90 minute long private sessions (1.5 hours) to complete FOCCUS Program
    > COST: $195 per couple

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